April 20, 2014
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etroWhat is a Retro Program?


The Department of Labor & Industries has approved Group Retrospective Rating programs as an alternative for businesses currently participating in the state fund workers’ compensation program. Group retro programs are designed to save employers money by providing a refund of insurance premiums should developed losses for the group be less than the premiums paid. Historically, retrospective rating programs have resulted in premium returns of over 25%.



stimateGet An Estimate of Your Refund Potential!


We will provide an estimate of your company’s refund potential . Start by downloading and signing this authorization form.  After signing, please send to the person listed at the bottom of the authorization form. To download the form, please click here.



CCCHow does TCCC’s Retro Program Work?


The Tri-City Construction Council (TCCC) offers qualified businesses the opportunity to participate in a Group Retrospective Rating program designed for selected members. Since group retro refunds are dependent upon overall program performance, TCCC will ensure that the Retro Group is composed of organizations whose past history demonstrates a good claims history, commitment to safety and loss prevention, effective return to work programs and respectful and fair treatment of injured employees.

By participating in TCCC’s Group Retro program, you lower your risk while increasing the size of your refund.



isk ClassCheck The Qualifying Risk Classifications!


Washington State Law requires that all Retrospective Rating Groups be made up of employer members who are engaged in substantially similar business operations when the nature of their services or work activities of employees is considered.  The Tri-City Construction Council is made up of construction and related industries. To download a list of acceptable risk classifications, please click here.



pportunity - Join Now And Become Part of A Great Partnership!


This is a great time to join TCCC’s Retro program. We are pleased to announce that Association Services of Washington’s (ASW) Workers’ Compensation Services (WCS) took over the third party administration for our Group Retro Program effective April 1, 2007. Workers’ Compensation Services has a well-established and successful management approach that is based on a working partnership with employers, employees, physicians and the Department of Labor & Industries. They have successfully managed the Washington Employers Group Retro Manufacturing Program for more than twenty-one (21) years. ASW holds its claims managers to a higher standard than any other state fund administrator. They are the only state fund third-party administrator with all claims managers having earned the Washington Self-Insurers Association’s designation of Washington Workers’ Compensation Professional (WWCP). This designation recognizes individuals working at the highest level, in regard to workers’ compensation and other insurance related issues in Washington State. We look forward to this new partnership with improved services and continued success with our Retro program!


To join TCCC’s Retro Program, please contact:


Chris Metz, Account Manager

Phone   (206) 664-7250

Email    cmetz@wa-emp.com

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